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  • Getting to Know ExpressionEngine // September 15 2010

    Getting to Know ExpressionEngine

    Thank you for choosing ExpressionEngine! This entry contains helpful resources to help you get the most from ExpressionEngine and the EllisLab Community.

    Technical Support:

    All tech support is handled through our Community forums. Our staff and the community respond to issues in a timely manner. Please review the Getting Help section of the User Guide before posting in the forums.

    Learning resources:

    Getting Started Guide
    Quick Start Tutorial
    Video Tutorials

    Additional Support Resources:

    ExpressionEngine User Guide
    Knowledge Base
    ExpressionEngine Wiki

    If you need to hire a web developer consider our Professionals Network. You can also place an ad on our Job Board if you prefer that professionals find you.

    Love ExpressionEngine?  Help spread the word and make some spare change with our Affiliates program.

    See you on the boards,

    The EllisLab Team



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